Who Benefits from Office Team Building?

One-size-fits-all might work for some things but office team building isn’t usually one of them. For genuine progress toward fostering unity and joint effort towards common goals in an organization, team building using a program like DiSC® assessments can be a great choice.

How Office Team Building with DiSC® Works

DiSC® is a methodology that provides insight into someone’s personality based on a rubric that looks for qualities generally described as Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Concientiousness. Participants take a test that’s scored according to set guidelines. The results allow for a like-like comparison of folks by factors like communication style, work style, and personality type. This knowledge, accompanied by the proper training, can facilitate better cohesiveness among members of a group, as well as strengthened interpersonal relationships and more effective communication skills, both with coworkers and outside vendors, clients, or customers.

Office Team BuildingWho Can Benefit from This?

While training and development days often include all of the members of an organization, there may be instances where a smaller segment of a larger group may benefit from a dedicated training session. This allows members of this smaller group to zero in on issues, opportunities, and challenges unique to them.

Management Teams

The needs of management teams are usually not the same as the rest of the members of an organization. They may have higher-level needs because their responsibility spans multiple departments, locations, or projects. Leaders frequently have pretty strong personalities and they’re often persuasive – how well do leaders communicate with other high-level employees who share common personality types? Specialized training can bring out the best in management teams and improve top-down and lateral interpersonal performances.

Sales Teams

Sales team members are in the unique position of communicating heavily with colleagues as well as outside clients and vendors, both established and prospective. Sales team members need to be able to “read” folks cold and respond appropriately to build rapport and close sales deals. DiSC® training can improve the self-awareness of sales staff. It can also provide them with the insight to see how they naturally interact with folks like them, and not like them; in this way, sales team members can more effectively communicate and build and manage ongoing relationships.

Teams in Transition

Some organizations or departments may be rocked by periods of intense transition. Examples include shake-ups in leadership, downsizing, or closing/relocating of operations. This can change organizational structures in a way that’s stressful and disruptive to employees and work flows. DiSC® personality assessments and training can help “right the ship” by identifying ways in which groups can establish and reinforce working relationships through trust, collaboration, and shared goals. Office team building may be the most challenging in these cases, but it may also bring the most rewards.