Professional Development

Professional Development Dollars Well-Spent: Why DiSC® Is Worth It

Organizations have limited funds for professional development days, so it’s important to take advantage of opportunities that have real-world and long-lasting benefit. DiSC® personality training and related activities, when led by a professional and experienced facilitator, can provide genuine insight about employees’ soft skills, leading to better interpersonal relationships and greater productivity.

Informed Decision-Making

A day of professional team building activities based on DiSC® personality assessments benefits more than just the employee. It allows management the ability to identify employees’ personality styles and soft skills in an objective manner.

Doing so allows for more informed, fact-based decision-making when it comes to arranging for additional training or professional development programs. Based on DiSC®, the folks who would most benefit from a particular training program – such as a classroom lecture versus field training, for example – can be enrolled in that program.

Professional DevelopmentDevelop Long-Term Staffing Models

Specialized personality analysis, carried out in a group setting like professional team building activities, allows for human resources and management teams to develop more accurate long-term staffing models.

The results of these programs help identify up-and-coming leaders and get them in the pipeline for promotion or additional responsibilities, as company growth warrants it. Rather than scramble to fill a vacancy or put people in roles that aren’t a good fit, DiSC® assessments allow for better “matchmaking” among employees and their roles, meaning a more effective organization with less turnover.

Reliable Results Through Professional Development & Team Building Activities

Organizations that use established personality testing and assessment programs that are facilitated by professionals can put their confidence in the findings. DiSC® is a tool that’s long-established and reputable in its results. Effective reporting makes the results genuinely useful, both at the individual and organization-wide levels.

Improved Interpersonal Communication

Soft skills are so vital to the success of an organization, both internally and externally. These are the kinds of things that cannot be taught; however, they can be understood and in that understanding, people can learn to effectively adapt to workplace situations that require meeting shared goals.

DiSC® assessments and team building activities prompt participants to take an active role in understanding themselves and their coworkers. In doing so, greater productivity is possible because employees have better insight into soft skills like collaboration and  leadership, working together instead of competing against each other.

An organization’s time, money, and staffing resources are valuable. Professionally facilitated DiSC® personality assessment and team building activities deliver reliable insight and practical understanding at employee- and organization-wide levels. Informed workplace decisions, more accurate staffing models, and stronger, more productive teams are all within reach with the right kind of professional development.