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"Our team loved your DiSC presentation for its simplicity and relatability to our workplace." "We all appreciated your DiSC training you brought to our department. We all “get it” and understand each other more with our profiles. Thank you!" "The facilitator took some potentially very dry info and made it fun, practical and applicable. You were awesome!" "The best part is being able to understand ourselves as well as each other better. Great Presentation! We thoroughly enjoyed the day!" "It was great to learn how styles can work together and what a workplace environment would look like if one or more style was missing altogether." "The personal profile was very interesting and definitely shed light on why others’ work habits are the way they are." "Hopefully I will be less frustrated with people now understanding they are ‘hard wired’ that way!" "My team was amazed at the practical information provided in your workshop - things they can use professionally and personally." "Learning how you interact with people is a basic lesson for all leaders. However, this understanding doesn’t just happen. The DiSC workshop is a very good place to start!" "I can wholeheartedly recommend this DiSC personality workshop. It helps our managers create a motivated environment for their teams and increase effectiveness."

The underlying message for the DiSC® Personality Types Workshops are that different isn’t bad, different is just different. One of the biggest revelations for team members is understanding how their personality style brings a lot of value to the overall success of the organization.

Make sure you’re comparing apples to apples – if there isn’t a little “i” in the DiSC®, it’s NOT the real thing! Since the origination of the DiSC® model, it has been copied by countless others, but this is one case where the original is still the best.

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Thank you very much for organizing such a wonderful workshop. It will definitely help improve our performance at work to pursue perfection and excellence. Thank you again!


The most valuable part of the workshop was that the managers learned the different communication styles of their colleagues. You could see light bulbs going off throughout the day as people realized why interactions with their peers occurred the way they did.


My team was amazed at the practical information provided in your Campfire Leadership workshop – things they can use professionally and personally.


I have attended numerous  DiSC® training workshops and this one was MUCH easier to understand, remember, and apply than the normal DiSC® workshop.

D,A,Seven Clans Casino

Most valuable was the level of understanding that our managers gained about themselves and their fellow team members. Specifically, the section on communication really drove home the purpose of this workshop for our team.

K.S.Terumo Medical

We really enjoyed the training and my managers have made numerous positive comments about the concepts and what they took away from the day. Everyone enjoyed the training, learned something, and has a better understanding of their co-workers.

S.F.NYS IT Services

We really appreciated the facilitator’s willing to hang out with team and answer questions both before and after. That added a lot of value!


The workshop was fantastic, high energy and interactive. The presenter was excellent! The meeting was a tremendous success. Thank you for helping to facilitate all matters!

J.W.Shape Corp

Sometimes individuals don’t realize that by maximizing the strengths of their personalities they are helping other people with their weaknesses to achieve the organization’s ultimate goal. Understanding both your own personality type and the personality styles of those around you can make the difference between success and failure both in business and in life. The proven methods in our DiSC Personality Types Training workshops help your entire team, and in turn help your entire organization.

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