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Terumo Medical Corp, Day Two

Overcoming your fears of public speaking is much easier said than done. For Day Two of Terumo Medical Corp’s “Superior Presentations Workshop”, we saw tons of progress in this area. 

When you’re in sales, knowing how to engage an audience can be crucial to job performance. While some believe this to be simply a natural-born gift, we know the elements of a great presentation can be learned. That’s why “Superior Presentation Skills” was created: so anyone can learn to give a great speech or presentation.

This summer a small group from Terumo Medical Corp’s sales and marketing division met with us in Somerset NJ, where their sales headquarters are located. Over the course of a day and a half, we covered everything from confidence-building strategies to the technical side of a great presentation. We even learned about the different media that’s available to assist speech-givers.

terumo medical corp logoTerumo Medical Corp Invests in Leadership Training

This was the 4th workshop we’d completed with a group from Terumo Medical Corp. In the past, we’ve done DiSC® Personality I & II, as well as Campfire Leadership. We guess the word got out that our leadership training workshops really deliver the goods!

But we can’t take all the credit for the progress that was made during this summer’s “Superior Presentation Skills” workshop. This group from Terumo Medical Corp’s sales and marketing division worked hard to get their results.

The Group Worked Hard for Impressive Results

From incorporating the right body language to learning how to project their voices, the group met every challenge face-on. They now understand how things as basic as eye contact and posture can transform a speech from “mehh” to “Yeah!”.

Of course it didn’t hurt that they each got to work one-on-one with our crackerjack facilitator, Rob Jackson. He gave individualized attention to each student, providing helpful feedback and lots of support. That’s a great way to build confidence right there!

Put it All Together

The group was great and each person saw a significant improvement in overcoming their fear of public speaking. They gained confidence in their ability to deliver a clear & concise presentation. One of the most helpful parts of the workshop was the videotaping of each participant. The recordings were used for on-the-spot feedback. Plus, each participant had his or her very own recording to take home for more study later.

The class was 1 1/2 days and at the end of the 2nd day, there were many positive comments.