Milestone AV Technologies

DiSC Workshops Improve Call Center Communication at Milestone AV Technologies

We were excited to return to Milestone AV Technologies’ office for a DiSC® personality training program for call center reps. Because the call center is such a vital part of the company, we conducted the training on-site at their Eden Prairie, MN office. The company held two half-day sessions; while half of the call center reps were in training, the other half covered the phones, and then the group switched.

Milestone AV TechnologiesEden Prairie, MN, Team Takes on DiSC® Training

Our DiSC® personality training program goes far beyond the typical lecture-style staff development session. Participants are active learners throughout the program. We open with a self-assessment. Everyone gets a quiz that helps them figure out which of the four DiSC® personality types most matches their own.

After that, we play team games where people get to explore the traits that are most strongly associated with each type. More games help folks figure out how their personality type best works with others’. It is a lot of fun, and the result is a group of employees who better recognize their differences and how to work with them instead of against them.

More About the DiSC® Training at Milestone AV Technologies

Call center reps had lots of opportunities to practice what they learned for better communication with colleagues as well as callers. Role-playing helped employees gain a deeper understanding of the four main personality types that the DiSC® workshop is based on. These assessments are based on decades of scientific research in psychology as well as regular field testing to ensure validity.

People who complete the DiSC® assessment are assigned one of four personality types: Dominant, Influence, Steadiness, Conscientiousness. Each type has a general set of characteristics that accompany it. The ability to recognize those characteristics and respond to them in a way that’s most effective can improve overall workplace communication.

The Results

Call center representatives, through activities, games, and role-playing, gained critical customer service skills. They were better able to “read” callers as well as coworkers. That insight gave them the ability to tailor their responses as appropriate. The results maximize customer satisfaction and minimize interpersonal conflict. This applies to internal as well as external customer service interactions.

The Milestone AV Technologies team worked very hard throughout the workshop, and it showed. We were so pleased to be able to come back and do this repeat training for them. We hope to return again the next time they have a staff development need.