Developing Soft Skills Training Ideas In a Hard Knocks Workplace

Developing Soft Skills Training Ideas In a Hard Knocks Workplace

Soft skills training ideas may help each of us become invaluable and irreplaceable assets to the company. As the American economy has constricted, the level of stress among American workers has expanded. The result: millions of workers are afraid to take paid time off [PTO], fearing that if they use their leave, they may be asked to leave permanently upon their return. Perhaps a better approach is to cultivate some soft skills training ideas.

It was recently estimated that in 2013 as many as 40 percent of American workers forego the use of their PTO. That’s approximately 170 million days worth more than 50 billions dollars that they gave up. One rationale: if the boss could do without them for a couple of weeks, maybe he can do without them altogether.

Developing Soft Skills Training Ideas In a Hard Knocks WorkplaceFears of being perceived as lazy, undedicated or replaceable loom large in the minds of employees who don’t want to join the ranks of the unemployed. Shackling yourself to the desk in fear may produce more stress resulting in lesser quality performance.

Developing soft skills like better communication, conflict resolution, and problem solving can make you a more enterprising, collaborative, standout to your superiors and to your teammates.

Another paranoid rationale is that if they take time off, they’ll be punished by an insurmountable volume of work that accumulated during their absence. Learning how to plan better and use time more constructively are soft skills training ideas that could help alleviate the post-vacation workload and help you develop a better work-life balance.

Lots of workers treat that word, “life” like a bad four-letter word instead of daily reality for which we should plan every bit as much as we do for work. And the payoff is real: fewer sick days off from stress-related illnesses and increased productivity.

One of the most important soft skills training ideas is a willingness to learn. Open your eyes and your heart to new growth opportunities. Explore the possibility of taking a course in public speaking or a seminar on improved business writing. Seek training in conflict resolution skills that involve role play so that you can really explore your own personal strengths and weaknesses in this area. Identify people within your sphere of influence or access and ask for guidance and advice.

Being a mentor is great, but becoming a mentee can be an equally great and very humbling experience. Check your ego at the lobby door of your office and become teachable. Teachability can lead to flexibility and adaptability – these are both invaluable attributes in a high pressure, fast paced work environment.