3 Common DiSC® Questions, Answered

Build Trust and Stimulate Self-Understanding with DiSC® Workshop

A DiSC® workshop can help boost self-awareness and build trust among team members

“At the most basic level, the need to trust implies one fundamental fact: you’re vulnerable.” ~ David DeSteno, Ph.D.

Deciding to participate in a DiSC® workshop to assess one’s personality is risky. However, successful leaders understand being vulnerable is necessary to learn and grow. This knowledge is then used to build a stronger professional presence, thus, increasing one’s ability to positively contribute to the corporate environment. Overcoming the fear of the unknown is necessary in order to build a stronger professional foundation and make a positive impact on the workforce.

Build Trust and Stimulate Self-Understanding with DiSC® Workshop

The unknown can simply be one’s knowledge of self. When leaders don’t understand themselves, it makes it difficult to understand – let alone lead and motivate – others. A DiSC® workshop can enlighten a leader about their own leadership style, based on their personality, and the ways they learn, handle emotions and lead. Using this information can bring a deeper sense of self-understanding through self-awareness. It enlightens the leader about who they are, how they impact others and what values they deem important.

From there, a DiSC® workshop can help a leader build trust among their team members through effective communication tools such as active listening, problem solving, and conflict resolution skills. When a person understands their personality style, they are able to utilize its strengths during communication. In fact, being able to speak with others in ways that bring a higher level of trust and understanding between people is important for an effective work environment. This is done when communication is non-blaming and non-threatening – especially in situations that involve conflict.

When a leader knows their own needs and preferred work environment, uncovered in the DiSC® workshop, they can confidently make decisions that are productive and effective for the team members and work environment. This will build trust within an organization because the team members know their leaders execute decisions in a fair manner. They also are confident the leadership promotes a non-threatening, stimulating work environment.

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