Uncover Hidden Weaknesses with DiSC® Personality Style

Using the DiSC® Profile

Profiling the temperament of staff is an excellent way to understand behavioral response.  However, in order to use the DiSC® Profile effectively, managers and supervisors should understand what a person in a particular profile category seeks.  In fact, that is the benefit of utilizing DiSC® as an assessment tool versus a personality test.  It allows leaders to understand the behavior of the people they supervise.

Using the DiSC® Profile


People who score high in this category are results-oriented.  Their direct style of communication may be unpleasant because they are more interested in completing tasks than connecting with people.  So how does a supervisor use the DiSC® profile to interact with them professionally?  They answer their questions directly and with confidence.  Because the “D” trait is authoritative, they enjoy interacting with the “go-to” person in the organization.  They believe they will get the answers to their questions, which is equal to getting results.  Allowing this person to function with the authority they need to make decisions and changes will ultimately serve a corporation well.


Influencers enjoy interaction with others, making small talk and gaining popularity in their work environment.  This doesn’t mean they are unproductive.  It means the connections they make with people help them believe they are valued through the recognition they receive.  Supervising these individuals according to their DiSC® profile requires helping them to stay focused on their tasks and analyzing the data needed to do their job.  Allowing this person to focus on people instead of details is a more effective way to utilize their strengths.


These people thrive when they know what to expect from the daily routine of their work environment.  This allows them to feel safe.  Any change in the work environment should be explained to them logically and timely so they can make necessary adjustments.  DiSC® profile results suggest that too many changes in work environment are disruptive for these people.


Conscientious people can be social, but they also value details, clear expectations and their independence.  Because they might talk more precisely and in a lower tone of voice, their need for a professional environment might be hard to spot.  As a supervisor using according DiSC® profile results, allowing this person to work autonomously with the time they need to demonstrate their expertise will help them feel valued and appreciated.

Keep in mind there is a range allowed for each personality assessed.  Don’t be surprised if some workers switch from one temperament to another.  The value of the DiSC® profile for supervisors is to spot what may be going on in the work environment and address situations strategically.  In this way, the work environment remains a productive, creative space where people enjoy spending their time.

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