Team Building Ideas: The Ties That Bind

Company Team Building Ideas: The Ties That Bind

Well-crafted company team building ideas are designed to keep the whole company sailing along smoothly. That can only happen when employees pull together to make sure nobody drowns along the way.

Team Building Ideas: The Ties That Bind

Whether you’re a big fish in a small pond or a guppy in the ocean, a fish out of water is usually one of two things: dead or dying. When one team member is flailing his way upstream while everyone else is headed downstream, the resulting chaos means your team is going to go nowhere fast.

One way to guarantee that everyone is swimming in the same direction, aiming at the same goal, and willing to help those who need support is to adopt company team building ideas customized to work with the different personalities on your team.

With careful planning, you can create synergy between a quiet conscientious number cruncher and a full-steam-ahead aspiring manager whose usual objective each day is to one-up colleagues he regards as his competition.

A staff member who follows the book to the letter and a guy who often takes shortcuts around the rules [and around authority figures] don’t normally have much common ground. They’re likely to know little if anything about each other beyond terse greetings each morning and mandatory exchanges during staff meetings.

The best company team building ideas for an odd couple like this one will probably involve a charitable workshop such as our Rescue Buddies Stuffed Animal Team Building Workshop. This is the perfect setting in which both are drawn into someone else’s pain and the blessed opportunity to provide some relief.

No numbers to crunch. No competitors to crush. Just the anguish of a traumatized child who recently survived a house fire or some other family tragedy. That little boy or girl probably could use a hug from a new teddy bear. Imagine the gratification your employees will derive by providing such a simple comfort.

The fastidiousness of the number cruncher will be an asset as he oversees every detail of the construction and assembly of this therapeutic little treasure. And that Type-A personality of his partner will help kick them both into high gear and make sure the project is finished on time.

Because their top priority is bringing joy to the heart of a child, they may be more willing to cooperate. They may come to embrace each other’s personality quirks, and to even recognize that their character differences are actually assets instead of liabilities. And with no boss to impress, there’s nothing at stake professionally.