DiSC® Personality Style

Uncover Hidden Weaknesses with DiSC® Personality Style

Discover Your Hidden Strengths and Weaknesses with DiSC® Personality Style

My attitude is that if you push me towards something that you think is a weakness, then I will turn that perceived weakness into a strength. ~ Michael Jordan

Weaknesses are often overlooked and not addressed within an organization’s leadership structure. However, a leader’s strengths impact an organization as much as their weaknesses. Using DiSC® Personality Style to assess the strengths and weaknesses of specific leaders within an organization is a solid investment and a key step to improving organizational productivity, teamwork and communication.

Since DiSC® Personality Style measures and assesses behavior based on particular preferences, it can become a valuable tool to help an organization reach its goals. By helping individuals identify their personality style, they can also uncover potential weaknesses and discover areas for improvement. Leaders who participate in a DiSC® Personality Style Assessment can learn:

1. The Impact of Influence

DiSC® reveals the impact of an individual’s personality and its influence on others. Although one person may perceive their impact as positively influencing the organization and its team players, an assessment could reveal their personality style really offends people. While this will not prompt inspiration, it can impact the organization’s morale, productivity and flow of revenue.

2. Individual response to rules and procedures

DiSC® also reveals how each personality style responds to structure. One particular personality style may believe it does well with rules and procedures, when in fact the opposite could be true. Or, any one personality style could subtly cause dissention within a group because of the way it responds to too many procedures. Using DiSC® Personality Style helps leaders understand individual and team preferences as it relates to structure in the daily work environment.

3. Individual response to challenges

Certain personality styles deal with stressful situations better than others. Some view change as a welcome relief from the normal routine, while for others it creates uncertainty and instability. One of the many benefits of DiSC® is in helping leaders understand how their team members are going to react to change so they can create a plan for everyone to reap the largest rewards.

Participants of DiSC® personality style assessments learn more about who they are and the impact they have on others. It is an opportunity for professionals to work on themselves in ways that encourage self-awareness and self-actualization. Naturally, the more aware a person is of themselves, the better they are able to leverage their strengths and weaknesses in the workforce.

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