Tailor-Made Training For Sales Professionals Through DiSC Behavioral Styles

Think about the last time your organization held department- or company-wide training sessions. Was it because everything was going well, challenges were being met, and everyone was putting their best foot forward? Probably not. Most organizations arrange for training workshops when there’s pain. And to resolve it, we need to know the source of pain. Sales teams have unique needs, and for that reason, our workshops featuring DiSC® behavioral styles are tailor-made for each client.

Not All Sales Teams are Alike

A sales team has different needs and challenges than other company teams. While all sales teams may be similar to each other in that they interact just as heavily with people outside the company as inside the company (maybe more so!), that is often where the similarity ends. Sales reps who do most of their work via telephone face different obstacles than sales reps who work out in the field, just for starters. The personal interaction with current and potential clients varies, and DiSC® training helps sales team members cultivate and carry out effective interpersonal communication skills to close the deal and keep the client’s business.

We realize that each sales team integrates product knowledge, interpersonal communications, and on-going personal development in a manner that’s particular to an industry and employer. Magnovo builds DiSC® training workshops around these parameters to maximize usefulness and effectiveness of training activities. We work closely with you to identify where your team’s weak spots are and develop training targeted to those areas.

Not Just Another Day at The Office

When sales teams learn that they must attend a company training session, they may sigh in frustration. We’ve all been there! But on-going development is important to employee satisfaction. We realize this, and the frustration born out of ineffective training. Magnovo is different.

Our workshops are strongly rooted in established personality theory that’s been under research and development for years and years. Adaptive personality assessments, fun activities, and team challenges elicit new ways of thinking and understanding. These soft skills may be intangible but they still have a wide-ranging, tangible and intangible reach.

Our DiSC® training workshops help people learn more about themselves and their personality styles. We also teach folks how to use that understanding to more effectively interact with others. Our goals are stronger interpersonal relationships and fewer instances of conflict, whether a sales team member is working with a colleague or closing the deal with a client.

Each of the four primary personality styles brings a unique perspective to the workplace. Part of our training sessions involves identifying and utilizing those differences in order to maximize productivity and results. We teach through games, and make it easy for participants to remember and retain what they’ve learned so that the benefits of attendance last far beyond the day’s program.

Why Do DiSC® Behavioral Styles Make the Difference?

Magnovo’s DiSC® training workshops are based on science that’s nearly 100 years old. These are long-held concepts and models that have withstood extensive examination, so we know they work. Our professional certified facilitators have worked with dozens of clients. They are comfortable with groups experiencing all kinds of issues and have coached teams on the journey from dysfunction to engagement.

There are four main personality types in the DiSC® model: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness. Each type exhibits certain behaviors that help advance sales goals. Each type also responds to certain motivators. And each type demonstrates problem-solving skills from its own worldview. In a well-trained team, each type capitalizes on its strengths and supports the others in areas of need. The result is a highly motivated team that’s very in synch and in-touch with goals and objectives.

Results-Driven Training

Participants in our DiSC® training sessions take an adaptive personality test that reveals which of the four main personality types best fits them. This is key to understanding how each type responds to external events, positive and negative, in a way that takes others’ personality types into account. This goes for colleagues as well as clients.

Our facilitators engage in a series of dialogues with employees to shepherd them through the assessment and training processes. We ensure that everyone who attends has the opportunity to have their questions answered. Our debriefing sessions after a day’s activities provide a comfortable space to discuss what was learned. We don’t want to just train people with new skills and understanding but teach them how to make and carry out effective long-term change using DiSC® behavioral styles.