DiSC Personality Training for Everyone

All Hands On Deck – DiSC Personality Training for Everyone

Teams work best when everyone pulls together, despite their differences, for the good of the organization. Duties are well-defined and clearly assigned. Employees communicate well, and expectations are clearly expressed. DiSC® personality training makes it possible.

Many Roles, One Goal

We understand the unique obstacles that present themselves when counting on an organization to operate as a unified force. Each department has its own needs, its own tasks to carry out, and its own limitations. Those kinds of challenges affect every department: accounting, sales, facilities, customer service, engineering, QA, and more. Add to that, every group within an organization faces similar issues.

Today, the rapidly shifting priorities of the workplace may cause uncertainty, stress, and interpersonal conflict for employees. Multiply that by department! Fortunately, Magnovo’s DiSC® personal training workshops can help teams learn to work together better for long-term positive change.

DiSC® Personality Training to the Rescue

Magnovo has worked with dozens of companies, each made up of many teams. We are uniquely positioned to understand exactly how valuable an intact work group is. Furthermore, we have the tools to bring an organization’s employees together in successful pursuit of a common goal.

DiSC® personal training gets to the core of people’s behavioral styles with speed and accuracy. With a greater understanding of themselves and their typical communication style, people can recognize others’ communication styles and react appropriately. This, in turn, can improve communication, efficiency, and productivity. It also minimizes conflict and confusion among employees and departments.

Based on decades of psychological research, DiSC® personality training is a powerful tool. Our DiSC® workshops feature computer-based adaptive testing. Each employee gets a customized series of questions. Each subsequent question varies based on their responses to forced-choice queries. Results are provided to test-takers immediately. A series of customized group activities follows the testing. They elicit the kind of “a-ha” moments key to making successful interpersonal workplace communications click.

The Four Personality Styles

Everyone has at least some traits of each of the four main personality types. But, most people will fall heavily within the boundaries of one kind over the other three.

Here is a very broad overview of some characteristics of the four personality types:

  • Dominant: often direct, this type is big-picture oriented and driven by results
  • Influence: social and energetic, this type places a strong emphasis on people
  • Steadiness: another people-oriented type, also a peace-maker who often desires calm
  • Conscientiousness: analytical, task-driven type known for cautious decision-making

Once participants identify that overarching personality type, they begin to recognize their communication needs and motivations. Participants then gain further insight into how they can best relate to others’ communication styles through hands-on activities. They see better how much their own way of expressing ideas and information contributes to the success of a project, department, and organization. The added benefit of a shared vocabulary among employees across departments allows for greater cooperation and collaboration with improved precision of communication.

Professional Leaders to Lead Your Professionals

Professional, certified facilitators lead our DiSC® training workshops. They are comfortable working with teams at all levels of employment.

Decades of science and thorough research and development back up DiSC® analysis. The activities and games are actually opportunities for hands-on learning by doing. Participants explore and practice new ways of relaying and receiving information. Employees see first-hand how communication style influences those methods. What seems like a day of fun outside the office or onsite is a powerful learning opportunity. It has far-reaching effects that last long past the end of the workshop.

Participants practice key elements of working together, such as:

  • Understanding and recognizing the four personality styles
  • Recognizing their own personality style, along with the characteristics that go with it
  • Identifying how each personality style adds to the success of the organization
  • Identifying and responding appropriately to colleagues based on communication styles

Workshop development takes place with your organization’s needs in mind. We develop activities for engagement, participation, and retention. A wrap-up session ensures participants have an chance to discuss what they’ve learned. Employees also talk about how to take those lessons back to the workplace.

The goal of DiSC® personality training is cultivating a workforce that works together.