Building a Team Through DiSC Workshops for Leaders and Managers

Leaders and managers are in a uniquely responsible position. They aren’t responsible for their own workload, alone. They’re also responsible for the workload of all the teams and employees who report to them. As such, many of these jobs are high-pressure, non-stop, and stressful. Leaders and managers aren’t just building a team. They need that team to work together toward shared goals and objectives.

Communications Skills Key to Building a Team

A keen understanding of interpersonal relationships and how to manage them is required in any leadership job. It’s especially vital when working with a diverse group of personalities. When things don’t go as well as planned, it can have a ripple effect. The challenge of motivating employees can prompt leaders and managers to lose sight of what made them take on these roles in the first place.

Oftentimes, career advancement is a sign of dedication, commitment, and ambition. Leaders and managers have the vision and talent to take a project from ideas to action with the right team supporting them. Insight into the personality types and communication styles of subordinates and colleagues can go a long way in more effective management and leadership of employees. This is especially relevant when taking into account how closely leaders’ and managers’ own personalities and communication styles mesh with the group they supervise or manage.

DiSC® personality workshops offer participants the necessary tools to build their awareness and understanding of personality types and communication styles. Improved communication can minimize conflict, maximize teamwork and motivation, and manage everyone’s expectations.

Overview of DiSC® Personality Training Programs

Magnovo’s DiSC® personality training programs provide leaders and managers with the soft skills essential to bringing out the best in their team. These skills can come into play regardless of how well employees already work together. By becoming familiar with the four DiSC® personality types and understanding what excites, challenges, and motivates each type, leaders and managers can build stronger teams. These teams are better able to reach new levels of productivity and effectiveness.

Our programs emphasize how differences aren’t necessarily negatives. There can certainly be a lot of positives that come with understanding the people who report to you. Assess what makes them “tick”, and how to leverage those good qualities. Good managers want to see employees carry out high-quality work that they’re invested in while feeling fully engaged with the tasks delegated to them.

But instead of passively taking in information, these DiSC® personality profile workshops are designed to practice and reinforce new communication techniques. That way, when employees return to work, they have added skills and knowledge and first-hand experience that makes a difference in productivity and effectiveness.

What’s a DiSC® Personality Workshop Like?

Our programs aren’t dull, lecture-style events. Professional facilitators make this kind of training fun. We find that when people are putting new knowledge into practice through team games and challenges, they internalize it in a way that “sticks”.

Magnovo grounds all DiSC® workshops in decades-old psychology research. Our assessment materials are field tested and calibrated. We ensure that results are reliable and decisive. Participants learn which personality type best fits them. Workshop participants then carry out activities designed to showcase how various strengths can work together for maximum results. These are transferable skills that managers and leaders take back to the office with them. These skills can used again and again with their own teams for ongoing success.

DiSC® is a Solution Across Industries and Organizations

We’ve worked with small and large businesses across various industries. Past clients have include telecommunications, manufacturing, healthcare, banking, and education companies and organizations. Magnovo customizes DiSC® personality training programs to your organization’s needs. Our facilitators lead half- or full-day programs, on-site at your offices or off-site at a nearby hotel or conference center.

If your organization would like the tools to enhance communication based on improved understanding of personalities and how they work together in building a team, contact us. We can plan a customized workshop to meet your needs.